"This prompted an outpouring of hatred from his compatriots who were furious that this thus inadvertently prevented them from manipulating global perceptions about last weekend’s tragedy as part of their ongoing information warfare campaign against Russia."

The Ukies didn't need to get their nickers in a twist over Arestovich's honesty. The western msm is devoted to the Ukie narrative and are not about to walk back their reporting that Russia purposely struck an apartment building. If the msm can claim the Russians attacked their own POW camp and a nuclear power plant under their control, they'll tell any sort of lie.

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This whole bit with Arestovich's verbal contortions as he twists in the wind are funny to watch, but certainly dangerous for him personally in his nazi-infested country.

PS, is it just me or does Arestovich look like a young Michael Keaton?


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His interview part where he condemed Z's anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox Church legislation did not help his case in Ukraine either, though maybe it is something he was hoping will save him from a DNR noose.

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