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"...a full sixteen months..."

As much as that! How long is the Indian election cycle?

"It was always a political fantasy to imagine that India ..."

Well yeah, but when you say 'India' here, what that really means is 'Modi', which is fine and well — great... for as long as he's in power.

“Sorry, America. India will never be your ally”

Somebody should tell this guy: never is an awfully long time; so awfully long, in fact, that it's not usually a very good idea to make projections and predictions on the basis of things and ideas that you just know are going to ALWAYS be the case. Nothing ever lasts forever.

"...a piece for Time Magazine."

Oh, well that must be OK, then: such a reputable and reliable source could never be thought to be engaging in anything like '5D chess', not even unwittingly (wits, or a lack thereof, being a serious (Ha-ha!) consideration).

"...very close to the Biden Administration..."

You take my point, then (above)?

"...referenced by a senior Biden Administration official ..."

Yeah, and how long are they going to be in power? So, even if it's longer than the Indian election cycle, it's not really the best bet in the long-term (Always and forever!) is it?

"The recent sequence of events..."

So, that's all of... How many weeks? Or are we talking about months here? Wow, I'd better rush out to lay down a bet right now!

"...newly pragmatic approach towards India..."

You forgot 'never-ending' between pragmatic and approach; could use 'forever', if it feels right.

"...permanent policymaking bureaucracy..."

Oh, I get it: this is the one that somebody thought they might be able to drain! Well, that's just gotta last forever, then! What a good job we've got enough people like that! We must do everything we can to protect them, because they protect our liberty and freedom (without taking so much as a penny for themselves). So selfless!

"...an emotionally driven policy reversal."

No! Could NEVER happen.


Now, there's an interesting word. It's got 'always', 'forever' and 'never' written all over it.

"...America’s liberal-globalist faction had incessantly tried to do..."

So, they've just given up and gone home now, then: 'Oh well, I lost... Never mind, it was fun while it lasted but it's all over now, forever and ever. I guess I was wrong, so I'll just go home and watch daytime tele from now on (forever).'

"...the US’ newly pragmatic approach..."

Yeah, nothing like a vampire, having been wrestled to the ground, might try to convince you it wouldn't be a good idea, or fair, or kind, or just, or anything else to drive a stake through its heart?

"This declining unipolar hegemon finally respects..."

Nothing like a silver bullet in a cocked gun at its temple.

Nothing like a werewolf?

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