Every time they've come up with a 'game-changer' — dozens and hundreds of old tanks, dozens of thousands of pocket rockets (now re-sold to everywhere outside the Ukraine), their very best air defence rockets with a fittingly silly name — 'Patriot', countless old-fashioned dollars — they shout their tits off about how the game will change, but the game doesn't change. Logically then, if they're saying the game won't change in a faux-adult, restrained-type manner, there could be something to worry about.

They've just been so desperate to unleash their nukes and working so hard for so long now to set up the legal framework first, now the supposedly 'real justification' to do so... Sooner or later, those deranged thugs in the swamp who control the deluded morons who believe they pull the strings could really hurt themselves. Unfortunately, they'll hurt a lot of other people in the process. Have they finally concocted the means — F16's — to make it all fly?

Please join me in praying for the most rapid defeat of NATO in the Ukraine.

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