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It's easy to understand the US Empire's double standards. If ethnic cleansing is good for the Empire, then it's not ethnic cleansing, it's self-defense by the imperial proxy. It it's somebody the Empire doesn't like doing the ethnic cleansing, then it's a horror. Orwell pegged this quite nicely back in 1948 when he wrote 1984.

I have a suggestion for you, Andrew. Draw a contrast between the Israeli destruction of Gaza in two weeks and what the Russians have actually done to places like Kiev, Odessa, and Lvov/Lviv/Lwow in well over a year. Ask your readers who is deliberately trying to kill as many civilians as possible and who is trying to avoid doing the same. Use pictures.

The US Empire narrative has shattered at home over the cognitive dissonance caused by being told to oppose one "colonial" power in Europe, while cheering on one in Southwest Asia at the same time, all while Americans are denied literally lifesaving help from their government at home.

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