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It is worse than that for the US Empire's policy makers and propaganda spinners. After over a year of crying about a smaller nation being attacked by a larger colonial power, now the American people are expected to flip that narrative to the old settler/colonial one in what Orwell would call doublethink.

It's too much, too fast, and it's not working. The whole liberal "woke" narrative was already cracking. This unconditional support for an ethnic cleansing campaign, on top of the objective reality of Israel's actions, is shattering it.

A CNN poll a few days ago showed support for Israel at 50% in the US, and that was before the Empire managers began turning themselves into pretzels justifying Israel taking out that hospital in Gaza, before American Jews did a sit-in calling for a ceasefire in DC.

That support is only going to drop this time. It's not going to be anything like 1948, 1967, or 1973.

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