This morning when I turned on the Internet, I was faced with this article:

Democrats pass resolution condemning 'white religious nationalism'


If anyone has had any doubt whether the rise in anti-semitism within the ranks of the Democratic Party is their imagination, this article puts the final nail into any skepticism.

Just as the WOKE have told us that when black police officers beat a black man to death that this is evidence of white racism and that Kamala Harris’ efforts to provide bail money for BLM and Antifa rioters in 2023 meant nothing, yesterday’s Resolution by the DNC is proof that the Democratic Party is the Party of Satan.

Their attempt to remove our history, our traditions, and our religious faith is now apparent.

While certain infamous neo-con Republicans, along with many who would not have been considered war mongers (e.g. Dan Krenshaw and Brian Kilmeade) are rattling their tiny little sabers, it is the Democratic Party that is causing Americans to become fanatic in their desire to overthrow Putin and the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church.

As we have seen, the influence of the Christian church has greatly diminished in the past seventy years. It may have started with Madelyn Murray O’Hare. It probably started before I was born. At any rate, the Party of Abortion has now gone on record as opposing religion because, naturally, they are saying this is White Supremacy.

I have lost many friends because I have been saying that the Laodicean churches in America, while catering to the whims of a perverted and lost generation, no longer represents the will or the teachings of Jesus Christ. Vladimir Putin, whose speeches are completely ignored and hard to access in the West, has long insisted that the Russian Orthodox Church may be the last bastion of Christianity. I believe it.

I also believe that the CIA took control of Ukraine in a coup back in 2014, significantly at the time that Joe Biden began to launder money through Kiev.

The entire Western world has been deceived and is now following the Beast of Revelations 13: 5 - 8.

Ephesians 6:12 speaks loud and clear about what we are seeing in the world, today.

Ironically, American tax dollars are funding the destruction of the world - just as our tax dollars funded the creation of COVID-19 and the pernicious and deadly so-called vaccines.

Personally, I do not believe in an anthropomorphic God who looks down from Heaven, picking off his enemies and empowering his followers. As Joseph Rotherham wrote so eloquently in his essay entitled THE INCOMMUNICABLE NAME, God is the ultimate power source of the universe. As Rotherham wrote, THE GREAT I AM means “I am becoming whatever I will become”. He has not dictated that fascist power once again rise to dominate the world; but it was written at the beginning of time that these days would come.

Pay attention and face reality. There will never be a better day to do so than today.

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The rising political vitriol in the West is a sickness resulting from decades of exploitation and debt. The US/West has this in common with Argentina and Weimar Germany. Countries crushed by rising costs of living and debt will drive themselves mad.

It's easier for the ruling class to direct political energy and anger at divisions within the country and at "the other" (Russia, China, Iran, etc. in the US) instead of at the true enemy which is exploitative capitalism that is unchecked by the government or any restraints.

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The author seems to want regard the the US, the most corrupt, racist and homophobic nation on earth, as imposing what is clearly, to others, wedge politics (launched against its own population) onto other nations. To most observers, the so called culture wars just descibed are purposefully meant to distract from washingtons' neoliberal world agenda. It is distraction theater that has no credible place in geopolitic understanding

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True, though there is much disagreement about who was backing it. It was killed by AIPAC despite threatening no jews - but did point at the usual suspects, London & Wall st.'s conjoined banksters. While today AIPAC is firmly behind Zelensky's New Jerusalem.

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De liberaal-globalistische elite van het Westen, niet Rusland, vernietigt de manier van leven van de Europeanen


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Fracturing a culture is only a first step to colonization. It maybe an ideology for the 'True Believers' but it is only a means to an end for the 'Philosopher Kings' and their 'Ambitious Implementers'.

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