Zelensky sold Ukraine cheap, he is a traitor to his people, just like our US leaders are traitors. Every nation in EU and NATO are too.

Good news about Turkey and Syria today!

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"Ukraine Humiliated Western Propagandists "

No; these guys know no shame.

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Zelinski would have made a better deal with Putin.And he can still do it and stop this killing.

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the whole world knows by now, that the freedom fighting is a farce

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Jul 15·edited Jul 15

The timeline here is getting a little confusing. You said that Russia's leading role in the transition to mulitipolarity is the reason Russia was having to fight the NATO proxy war in the first place after no one would negotiate the neutrality of Kiev from being added to NATO.

I had thought the onset of BRICS and multipolarity occurred in response to the US sanctions that occurred after the special military operation began.

The beginning of this proxy war seems to me to have started with the US backed coup in 2014 in Ukraine. Did that have something to do with multi polarity? I didn't think so. But maybe somebody can tell me about that.

I certainly didn't think it was very democratic of us to push for regime change in Ukraine in 2014 or to arm the Nazi forces against the Donbas separatists who opposed the resulting coup government. What is the connection of the 2014 Ukraine coup with multi polarity concerns?

I didn't know that if that was the case. I thought it was more to do with western imperialism, regime change next door in 2014, arming Nazis on its border, the risk of hostile NATO bases to arrive in the future on its border putting missiles aimed at moscow there staffed by local Nazis, and thoughtlessness about past US promises not to move NATO eastward towards Russia.

Can somebody clarify about this commentary about NATO's reason for initially pursuing a proxy war in Ukraine being to punish Russia for leading a multipolarity movement that I thought came later? Has multipolarity been in the offing for years before BRICS arrived the past few months (seemingly after the feb/march 2022 sanctions)?

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