Does Russia NEED to have a breakthrough to end this war on their terms? Or can they afford to just hold on to their own positions and wait for the Ukrainian Army to collapse?

Those are honest questions. I think you would have a better chance of accurately answering them better than I.

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I'm pessimistic that Russia will achieve its maximalist goals in the conflict, at least how they were popularly envisaged (complete eradication of ultra-nationalist/fascist ideology, complete demilitarization, etc.).

I also believe that while there are gains to be made by going on a counteroffensive, there are also some cons as well that are carefully being considered, namely what I wrote about that prompt NATO into conventionally intervening in a panic out of desperation.

Likewise, there are also pros and cons to "waiting it out", especially now that Ukraine is becoming more politically unstable, not to mention the effect of its other myriad problems increasingly converging nowadays too.

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That makes sense. Thank you for the reply.

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