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Well done for your great analyses -

I live in Brazil, and it's very clear how the US Democrats' Foundations and NGOs have been colonizing our left-field here, moving it away from socialism, nationalism and trade-unionism, towards a 'compatible-left', focusing on woke and identity issues. The kind of LEFT that never questions Imperialism, and provides a means of managing any form of real dissent.

The big US (& its allies) Foundations, like Ford, Open Society, Luminate, have an ever growing presence here, and they finance most of the left-field media, research, influencers etc.

In this 2022 ELECTION all the groups here in Brazil connected with the US Democrats and their neo-liberal Foundations, have all campaigned very hard for Lula, and against Bolsonaro.

And I believe that this is not just because Bolsonaro is Trump's counterpart, but because there's a much more important issue at stake: the AMAZON rainforest, perhaps one of the last resource-rich mega-areas in the planet, yet to be exploited.

The Democrats lead the Climate & the Amazon agenda, and would like to see their Corps and NGOs having more access to the area, in order to properly research it, to determine exactly what riches lay hidden underneath. It is estimated that there are vast deposits of OIL, GAS, WATER, and many minerals beneath its soil.

The Democrats and the climate gang, sell themselves, via massive marketing on their corporate media, as the do-gooders who want to 'save the forest', whereas in fact what they probably really want is to get their hands on the bio-riches and minerals this vast area has to offer.

Bolsonaro was a stone in the Democrats' path - halting access to the forest to the foreign Foundations and NGOs, as he protected other interests in the area: the big land owners who helped finance his bid for the presidency, and who are his strong supporters and allies.

Lula, the great leftist leader, was the only one who could beat, and indeed did beat, Bolsonaro at the polls, was perhaps useful to the Democrats this time, in order to get rid of Bolsonaro, for them to achieve their new goal in LatAm: curb socialism and get their paws on the Amazon forest.

And perhaps for Lula, the kick-back was to get enough support, in order to get re-elected and restore the Workers' Party in power, restore his reputation and its important legacy - and of course, on a local political level, it was crucial for Brazil to get rid of the odious and backward Bolsonaro government.

In his latest statements Lula has mentioned that he welcomes international cooperation, in order to further research the Amazon, whilst keeping it under Brazilian sovereignty. This is probably music to the Democrats' ears.

I have absolutely no doubt that a LULA Gov will do much good in Brazil, will help eradicate hunger, bring forward social programs that will benefit millions of Brazilians and bridge the social gap, creating more opportunities for all - but the question remains:

What will the Democrats get out of it?

I hope this comment will add to this complex debate and reflection.


Isabel Monteiro

(I tweet BR politics under @GringaBrazilien)

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However, another interpretarion that can be given to Biden's support for Lula is the need for the United States to prevent the opening of a new front of instability in Latin America, which the US considers its "backyard." Bolsonaro's attempt to stage a coup and disregard Lula's victory -as can now be seen in the roadblocks in Brazil- could have contributed to this destabilization of the country, just when in the midst of a global confrontation with Russia and China Washington needs to secure Brazil's natural resources in the long term and seek a diplomatic understanding with Lula.

As the article points out, for the moment Bolsonaro will be more useful for the US as a shock force to condition the Lula government, thanks especially to the majority he has in Congress and that will force the PT party and its allies to negotiate. This, in turn, could lead to the repetition of acts of corruption to "buy" legislators in Congress, as happened in the past Lula administration with the "mensalao" or vote-buying scandal.

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