-آپ کا کوئی دین ایمان نہیں

-جو روس کی سائیڈ لیتا ہے آپ اس کی تعریف میں رطب اللسان ہوتے ہیں

-ایسے لوگوں کو لفافہ کہا جاتا ہے

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

The "multipolar world" itself negates the Thucydides Trap as it also undermines globalism. In the neoliberal global order, the world is a network of competing production centers, all of which benefit the global center. The result of globalism is actually poverty for the producers as they compete for necessary trade with other countries, lacking any kind of independence or sovereignty. This has been the goal for some time. Michael Hudson points out how the IMF and World Bank encourage the development of export products rather than local manufacturing, thus ensuring dependence of affected nations.

In all this plan is a hint of the old mercantilism where a country like Germany used to always produce a trade surplus and corresponding accounts relative to its trading partners. We take a country like Russia who as a result of ongoing Western sanctions, has become mostly self-sustainable. In effect, Russia needs little from the outside world and Western sanctions have small effect. Of course, Russian oil can buy Indian silk and Chinese electronics, which are nice but not vital. This is how 'trade' should work. A people that has a surplus of something nice gives it to another people who in turn, give back something nice that they have surplus. Rather than being the backbone of a competitive financial world order, trade in the multipolar world becomes an enjoyable fruit of cooperation.

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Great points!

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دو منحوس ایک ساتھ

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Happily, CNN is becoming as relevant as the KKK in the 21st Century. Its rating challenge those of the Hallmark network and CNN is scrambling to change its format to draw viewers that are not simply brain-dead progressives.

Vladimir Putin gave a wonderful and historic speech (widely ignored in the militant 4th Reich) last week.

India's role in the changing political world is denied or ignored and, behind the scenes, NATO member Turkey may end up playing a pivotal role in ending the aggressive and violent US-led NATO overthrow of all independent nations.

Meanwhile, on the periphery of American's awareness, China's Road and Belt Initiative is improving the lives of millions and causing most of the world's citizens to question whether the Progressive USA shares any of the values of the Greatest Generation.

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