Thank you Andrew for this excellent analysis.

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> our primary goal is to protect people that – let me repeat – feel like they are part of our nation, part of our culture.

"Humanitarian motivations" in exactly the same way that Nazi Germany took it upon itself to annex all territories where there were a significant number of German-speaking peoples.

> What was it when the centres of million-strong cities were struck from the air? What was it when troops with armour were deployed against them?

Every day we see again how Russia treats what it deems as "Russian" cities, in Kharkiv, in Kherson, in Bakhmut... Woe to the people being given such "humanitarian" aid -- The one thing worse than being an enemy of Russia is being a "friend" that won't let Moscow put its hand around your throat.

Muscovite Russia is an imperial entity, and has been for hundreds of years. But in Ukraine, it is losing. Badly.

> In this sense, they have achieved results, of course, and in this sense it has been something of a fiasco for us. We were left with nothing else. Maybe we were deliberately brought to this, to this brink. But we had nowhere to retreat, this is the problem...

This I fully support, and I hope the substack author continues to promote this propaganda. This fatalist reimagining of the disastrous Ukraine invasion is critical to set information conditions within the Russian populace and elites that will allow the Russian Empire to bring this "fiasco" to a close.

"We were forced into it". "We lost to the NATO/US/rest-of-world, not Ukraine". "Really, we still won (something)". This is the trinity of beliefs that once achieved in key parts of the Russian populace, will end this disaster. (2) is probably already at sufficient belief levels. (1) Putin is clearly working on here, and the substack author is thankfully helping. (3) is something the substack author has pushed repeatedly, but I do not ascertain is yet accepted in the Russian peoples that leadership is responsive too.

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I am very concerned Putin still feels it necessary to explain. What he needs to do is smash the US-puppet Zelensky regime as well as the further supplies of weapons including Patriot anti-missile systems from the US. Lavrov is wasting time saying such weapons and US-NATO personnel coming with them are 'fair targets'. There is no need to warn - its long overdue to act to smash such incoming supplies which will increasingly be used to hit Russia hundreds of miles inside her border.

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A government that bans the language spoken by over 50% of its population; that outlaws political opposition, jails opposition leaders, shuts down opposition media; that 'disappears' citizens into torture chambers, murdering many, and ties others to lampposts in the street (stripping and beating them, spraying them with paint) ; runs 2 websites listing persons to be assassinated (one in the UK)...then one by one asassinates,,,,and proudly boasts about these things!!.....is obviously a barbaric tyranny and terifying hell hole for at least half of its citizens. No wonder so many have fled - mostly from the western part of this benighted country. Which should speak volumes!

This SHOULD be obvious to people in the "West" who so loudly promote Human Rights and "European Values". Unless all of the above ARE now the European values - which increasingly seems the case.

And I am not even talking about Donbass, attacked by its own government and characterised by it as su-human 'Orcs" - only the main body of Ukraine.

I for one, a Greek, am GLAD that the Russian Federation finally stepped into the fray after 8 long years of Ukraine's (and "West's") complete refusal to find a peaceful accomodation with Donbass

(and "West" lied about this), whose compradore government preferred to bomb them instead - a political posture which makes NO sense and is entirely irrational. Just as I am glad that the RF went to the aid of Syria, a country being torn apart by outside forces and hired terrorists : for the crime of existing.

There is a bigger picture of course. The force running Ukrane and waging this war is external, it is called the "West"and it is using Ukraine - with an absolute totalising disregard for the country and its people - to attack Russia, a country that has not threatened it but commits the crime of existing and being full of natural wealth. The "West" was happy to commit genocide on Donbass, and is now happy to destroy and genocide Ukrainians through its drummed-up war. ie "to the last Ukrainian". Anyone outside of Ukraine that can't see this is either uninformed / low IQ (ie believing "West" propaganda, not investigating for themselves) - or - shares the "values" of the criminal mafia running the "West".

As for the "West" this is not actually all of Europe, far from it. At least 20 countries are trapped inside Washington's tyrannical nondemocratic EU construct that truly want no part of it and derive no benefit from it. But that is another topic.

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a very worrying interview. pereception management not going to plan for Ru

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As Medvedev had already said, Russia is preparing to give the Polish part of Galicia to Poland. Lviv will be renamed Lwów. And the Poles, take care of the neo-Nazi nationalists. A poisoned gift.

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The correspondent Erut is above the fray of humanity.

The lives of 25,000 and 4-5 mil displaced from their homes since 2014 by world wars-old NATO elite,

This modern banderite nazi history prevalent in western forums does not move him:

“But a war was unleashed on them in 2014. I mean a war. This is what it was about. What was it when the centres of million-strong cities were struck from the air? What was it when troops with armour were deployed against them? It was a war, combat operations. We endured all this, endured and endured, in the hope of some peace agreement. Now it turns out that we were simply fooled. So, a country like the United States has been involved in this for a long time. A long time.”

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Officer, I had no choice but to hit her. She kept talking back and not having my dinner ready on time.

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That's b.s.. Why wait 8 years and allow the DPR and LPR to be attacked and allow NATO to build up forces in Ukraine? He was so worried he waited 8 years and how many dead.

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Iff Possibil in other LANGUAGES.. Nederlands...

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