Germany is like a sheep being led to the slaughter......again! No lessons learned from the past except...the joolites are off limits, FOR EVER.

Otherwise the goyim can kill each other until there are no goyim left.

As long as the joolites make heavy profits.....anything goes.

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Correctly stated is the real facts: US Zionist (Nazi) news attempts to get the German government to boost its past Nazi spirit to persecute Russian citizens in Germany. US Reuters news agency attempts to stop them from hindering the Nazis in Ukraine that are committing Genocide of Russians in East Ukraine. The German government should throw out the US subversive news fronts including Reuters. Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

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All from the internet, i am not disclosing any personal information

Two can be found easily the Jap is more secretive about her location.


Apparently the guy works for Moderna and probably never been anywhere near Russia.


Anton Zverev

Senior Research Associate, Moderna U.S."


Senior Research Associate @ Moderna

Research Associate @ Moderna

Research Associate @ Mekonos Inc.

Tutoring Program Coordinator @ University of California, Berkeley, College of Chemistry

Peer Tutor @ University of California, Berkeley, College of Chemistry

Project Manager @ Chec Consulting

Vice President @ UC Berkeley Biofuels Technology Club

Scale Up Team Lead @ UC Berkeley Biofuels Technology Club

Scale Up Member @ UC Berkeley Biofuels Technology Club

Parenteral Pharmaceutical Development Intern @ Biogen


University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor’s Degree (Chemical Engineering)

2016 - 2020

Advanced Math and Science Academy

2012 - 2016



Multivariable Calculus




Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word


Customer Service



You need to log in for her full profile - i cannot because they banned me..... don't ask.

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Yes. The German government - not just the 'teenage' Foreign Minister but also the Chancellor are planted puppets of the CIA front WEF's Young Global Leaders program, which was intended to supplant any vestiges of 'democracy' in Western governments by disregarding the voting populations' wishes - EXACTLY as stated by Baerbock and the older Nazi Ursula van den Leyen who heads the undemocratic EU.

And virtually the entire Western MSM is bought by the same globalist thugs - hence their suppression of all deaths and injuries from the Experimentally authorized (EUA) covid jabs.

Russia and Putin are the target of the extreme hysteria and hatred of these globalists because Russia and Putin stand in the way of their globalist depopulation and global dictatorship (using medical pretexts) agenda.

That Reuters should be part of this gaslighting of the German population should not surprise anyone. Like the suppression of the covid injections harms, the suppression of the true facts of the proxy war against Russia using Ukraine - is critical to their US-NATo-globalist objectives.

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