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The Top Five Geostrategic Developments In Africa Last Year

These Five Strategies For 2023 Will Cement India’s Newfound Global Role

Estonia Told Ukraine To Drop The Copium & Stop Trying To Remove Russia From The UN

Newsweek Twisted A Popular Russian TV Host’s Observation For Propaganda Purposes

Five Reasons Why Kiev Should Accept The Current Ground Realities & Negotiate Peace With Moscow

Indian Media Is Right: The Modi-Zelensky Call Signifies Their Country’s Rising Stature

The Five Ways That The US Successfully Reasserted Its Hegemony Over Europe In 2022

Lavrov's Latest Interview Dispelled The West’s False Perceptions About Russia

Russia’s Iranian Gas Swap Proposal With Pakistan Is Worth Exploring

The Five Ways In Which 2022 Completely Changed Russian Grand Strategy

Medvedev’s End-Of-The-Year Review Put Russia’s New Grand Strategy Into Context

Zamir Kabulov’s Interview With The Hindu Symbolizes Russia’s Grand Strategic Recalculations

Putin’s Second Reference To The North-South Transport Corridor In A Week Is Significant

Duda Betrayed Poland By Hosting Zelensky Despite Him Not Apologizing For Last Month’s Bombing

Why’s British Media Glorifying Anti-Russian Suicide-Bombing Terrorists?

The US’ Export Of Patriot Missiles To Ukraine Is Mostly Just A Public Relations Exercise

Putin Explained Why He Had No Choice But To Protect The Russian Population In Ukraine

Netanyahu’s Return To Power Will Further Complicate Israeli-US Relations

Zelensky Played The Iran Card During His Congressional Address To Appeal To The Israel Lobby

Biden Spilled The Beans About Why The West Can Never Fully Satisfy Zelensky’s Begging

Zelensky Inadvertently Admitted That The Vast Majority Of Humanity Doesn’t Support Ukraine

Zelensky’s Travel Arrangements To America Are Actually Worth Analyzing

The Red Cross’ Director For Africa Exposed The West’s Lies About The Grain Deal

Hungary’s Parliamentary Speaker Shared Some Keen Insight About The Ukrainian Conflict

The West Finally Realized Just How Game-Changing The North-South Transport Corridor Really Is

These Are The Five Tasks That Putin Told Russia’s Security Services To Prioritize

The US Just Threw Pakistan Under The Bus Over Modi Despite Bilawal’s Anti-Iranian Rhetoric

Turkiye Turned Out To Be A More Trustworthy Military Partner For Russia Than Greece

Shared Threat Perceptions Of The Taliban Catalyzed Strategic Pakistani-Tajik Cooperation

The Military Dimension Of The Russian-Iranian Strategic Partnership Stabilizes West Asia

Analyzing Iran’s Reported Offer Of A China-Style Strategic Partnership With India

Critiquing Two Indian Defense Analysts’ Lessons For Their Country From The Ukrainian Conflict

Russia’s Ambassador To The US Shared A Balanced Assessment Of The Ukrainian Conflict

Analyzing Alt-Media’s Reluctance To Critique China’s Anti-Iranian Joint Statement With The GCC

The Latest Putin-Modi Call Confirms That There’s No Bad Blood Between Them

Putin Reaffirmed That The North-South Transport Corridor Is Among Russia’s Top Priorities

Pakistan’s Endorsement Of Iran’s Anti-Government Riots Is Misguided & Counterproductive

There’s No Way That Kissinger Expects Anyone To Take His Latest Peace Proposal Seriously

Poland’s Reported Propaganda Platform Visegrad24 Is Integral To Its Soft Power Strategy

Korybko To Mihir Sharma: The Latest Sino-Indo Clashes Push The US Further Away From India

The Iranian Ambassador To Russia Shared Some Details About Those Two’s Strategic Partnership

The New York Times’ Embedded Reporter Revealed Three Inconvenient Truths About Bakhmut

Kiev’s Worst Attack Against Donetsk In Eight Years Is A Desperate Attempt To Save Face

The New York Times’ Latest Report About “Russian Propaganda” Is Really A Nothingburger

Elon Musk Might Have Just Dealt A Death Blow To NAFO

Why’d China Agree To Such A Fiercely Anti-Iranian Joint Statement With The GCC?

Will The US Sell India Out To China To Sweeten The Deal For A Sino-American New Détente?

The US’ APEC Outreach To Russia Proves That Washington Failed To Isolate Moscow

Russia’s G20 Sherpa Is The Latest Kremlin Official To Praise India’s Newfound Global Role

Korybko To Iranian Media: Here’s Why The Latest Unrest Is Actually A US-Backed Hybrid War

India’s Pollution Problem Is Real But Mustn’t Be Politicized For Pushing “Green Imperialism”

Germany’s Double Standards On South African Coal Expose Its “Green Imperialism”

It’s Actually Not A Big Deal That Modi Isn’t Visiting Moscow This Year

Foreign Policy Magazine Just Published The Most Accurate Western Analysis Of India Yet

Russia Officially Declared That India Is At The Center Of The Emerging Multipolar World Order

Biden Cared More About Pandering To Minorities Than Recovering A Jailed US Spy From Russia

Josep Borrell Ridiculously Thinks That Africans Never Heard Of Putin Or Even Russia

Merkel’s Admission That Minsk Was Just A Ruse Guarantees A Protracted Conflict

Olaf Scholz’s Manifesto For Foreign Affairs Magazine Confirms Germany’s Hegemonic Ambitions

Analyzing The Talks About A Security Zone Around The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

Kiev’s Hyperbolic Criticism Of India’s Russian Oil Purchases Won’t Make Any Difference

Kiev’s Drone Strike Spree Raises Serious Concerns For Russia

Why Is The Washington Post Rehabilitating President Xi’s Image In The Western Consciousness?

Is France Funneling Ukrainian Arms To West African Terrorists?

Russian-Iranian Cooperation Expands From The Levant To Central Asia & The South Caucasus

India’s G20 Chairmanship Will Champion The Global South’s Interests

Debunking Reuters’ Prior Fearmongering About Russian-Indian Energy Relations

Lavrov Appreciates That India Refused To Join The US’ Alliances Against Russia & China

There Might Be Unpredictable Consequences From Capping Russian Oil

Pakistan’s Unrealistic Demand Doomed Its Oil Talks With Russia

India’s Joint Military Drills With The US Are Part Of Its New Cold War Balancing Act

China’s Optimized COVID Response Proves That The Recent Protests Weren’t A Color Revolution

Russia’s Reported Request For India To Scale Exports By 5x Is Strategically Significant

Russia’s Energy Geopolitics With China & India

Are China’s Zero-COVID Protests Really A Color Revolution Like Some On The Left Claim?

India’s Top Diplomat Took A Swipe At The West For Not Recognizing His Country’s Official Map

The Evolution Of Key Players’ Perceptions Across The Course Of The Ukrainian Conflict

Korybko To Rajagopalan: India’s Principled Neutrality Does Indeed Ensure Its Security

The Estonian Defense Minister Admitted That The Russian Armed Forces Remain Strong

The US’ Arms Backlog For Taiwan Caused By Ukraine Can Facilitate The New Détente

Five Takeaways From The New York Times’ Report About NATO’s Military-Industrial Limitations

The Daily Beast Shared Some Surprisingly Accurate Assessments Of Chinese Interests

The Economist Is Wrong: India Isn’t “Reliably Unreliable”

India’s Educational Co-Op With Russia’s Mari El Republic Epitomizes Their Strategic Partnership

“Live With It”: India’s Candid Response To Western Criticism Of Its Russia Policy

Imran Khan’s Interview With PBS Corrected The Weaponized Misperceptions About Him

A Top Indian Financial Portal Made An Important Point About The West’s Anti-Russian Policy

The US’ Hybrid War On Turkiye Just Escalated After Kiev’s Failed Sabotage Of TurkStream

Afghan-Emanating Terrorist Threats Are Truly Among The CSTO’s Top Security Challenges

Korybko To Sputnik Brasil: The Workers’ Party Is Infiltrated By Pro-US Liberal-Globalists

The OECD’s Latest Report Showed That India’s Economy Is Growing Twice As Fast As China’s

China’s Reported Pause Of Russian Oil Imports Ahead Of The West’s Price Cap Is Revealing

Korybko To Ritter: New Evidence Compels You To Correct Your Conclusion About Poland

The Russian Culture Festival In India Will Strengthen People-To-People Ties

The Emerging Military-Strategic Dynamics Of The New Cold War In The Asia-Pacific

Mali’s Banning Of All French-Funded NGOs Will Defend Its Democracy From Paris’ Meddling

Analyzing Rana Sanaullah’s Speculation That India Wants To Assassinate Imran Khan

The Syrian Foreign Minister Explained Why India Should Now Be Considered A Global Power

Here’s Why China Voted Against The Resolution On Ukrainian Reparations

Four Reasons To Suspect That Something Serious Is Going On Behind The Scenes In Pakistan

China’s Stated Desire For Military Talks With The US Signals Its Interest In A New Détente

Lavrov Outlined The Priorities For Russian Regions’ International Economic Outreaches

Analyzing The US-Chinese-Russian-Indian Interplay In The Global Systemic Transition

The White House Press Secretary’s Praise Of Modi Reaffirms His Rising Global Leadership

Three Recent Articles Prove That The World Is Finally Appreciating India’s Balancing Act

CNN Is Half-Wrong & Half-Right About India’s Impact At The G20

The US Hinted That It Might Sanction Ethiopia On Human Rights & Military Pretexts

Korybko To Azerbaijani Media: Russia & Iran’s Differences With Baku Aren’t Insurmountable

Chinese-EU Green Tech Co-Op Is Mutually Beneficial

The New Russian-Indian-Iranian Troika On Afghanistan Balances The Chinese-Pakistani Duopoly

Ukraine’s Accidental Bombing Of Poland Exposed The Logical Fallacies Of A Top Pro-Kiev Blogger

Ukraine Betrayed Poland’s Trust With Its Dangerous Anti-Russian Conspiracy Theory

The Top Five Implications Drawn From Ukraine Accidentally Bombing Poland

Kiev Jumped The Shark After Its Foreign Minister Implied That Biden Is A Russian Propagandist

Ukraine Tried To Trick NATO Into Starting World War III After It Accidentally Bombed Poland

PM Modi’s Pragmatic Remarks About The Ukrainian Conflict Gave Voice To The Whole Global South

Ethiopia Had A Good Reason To Vote Against The UN Resolution On Ukrainian Reparations

The UN Resolution On Ukrainian Reparations Could Boomerang Against The Golden Billion

The Latest YPG-PKK Terrorist Attack Was Due To America’s Double Game Against Turkiye

Imran Khan Is Right: The Establishment Is More To Blame For His Ouster Than The US Is

Dugin Clarified His Intentions In Constructively Critiquing The Special Operation

NATO’s Expansion Into The Asia-Pacific Heralds The Next Hot Phase Of The New Cold War

It’s Sensible To Propose That Ukrainians In Poland Swear Loyalty To Their Host State

20 Constructive Critiques Of Russia’s Special Operation

There’s No Denying That The Partial Pullback From Kherson Has Uncomfortable Political Optics

Alt-Media Needs To Stop Overdosing On Copium & Finally Recognize Reality

India’s Enlightened Self-Interest & Strategic Morality Concepts Are Important

Indonesia Will Ultimately Have To Decide Which Military Side It’s On In The New Cold War

Comparing & Contrasting Russia’s Pullbacks From Kharkov & Kherson Regions

The Three Most Likely Scenarios After Russia’s Partial Pullback From Kherson Region

The US Continues To Disrespect Ethiopia By Playing Word Games With The TPLF’s Name

America Still Hasn’t Accepted That India Has The Right To Determine Its Own Interests

Investigating The French Factor In The Latest Phase Of The Congolese Conflict

Why’d The US Contradict Kiev’s Claims About Russia Buying Iranian Ballistic Missiles?

A Quick Recap Of The Latest Congolese Conflict

The EU’s Explanation For Rejecting Russia’s Anti-Nazi UN Resolution Isn’t Credible

The Manipulation Of Historical Memory Is A Potent Form Of Hybrid Warfare

A Russian-Ukrainian Ceasefire Isn’t As Far-Fetched Of A Scenario As Many Might Think

India Is In The Perfect Position To Negotiate Between Kiev & Russia When The Time Is Right

Analyzing President Putin’s Vision Of Russian-African Relations

Putin’s Praise Of The Indian People Proves How Much Russia Sincerely Appreciates Them

Global Public Opinion Likely Won’t Change Even If Zelensky Pretends To Want Talks With Putin

President Putin’s Insight Into Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Is Spot-On

President Putin’s Insight Into His Turkish Counterpart Is Worth Reflecting On

Russia Implied That Pakistan Is Colluding With The US To Blackmail The Taliban

The Assassination Attempt Against Imran Khan Exposes The Establishment’s Dirty Game

Twelve Lessons To Be Learned From The Ethiopian Conflict

Analyzing The Joint Statement From The Government Of Ethiopia & The TPLF

Indian Youth Regard Russia As Their Country’s Most Reliable Partner For Good Reason

Russia Agreed To Salvage The Grain Deal For These Five Strategic Reasons

Ethiopia Will Inevitably Win Even If Foreign Meddling Foils Its Ongoing Peace Talks

Six Reasons Why Americans Should Care That US Troops Are In Ukraine

Korybko To Fars News: Social Media Is Weaponized As Part Of The Hybrid War On Iran

Analyzing Russia’s Accusation That Pakistan & Ukraine Are Cooperating On Nuclear Weapons

Biden’s Reaction To Brazil’s Latest Election Shows That The US Prefers Lula Over Bolsonaro

The Geostrategic Consequences Of Lula’s Re-Election Aren’t As Clear-Cut As Some Might Think

China, Russia, And The US All Coincidentally Reaffirmed Their Intentions On The Same Day

Russia’s Indefinite Suspension Of The Largely Superficial Grain Deal Doesn’t Change Anything

The Importance Of Properly Framing The New Cold War

Ethiopia Has Officially Had Enough Of Being Maliciously Smeared By The Golden Billion

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar Will Have Plenty To Discuss When He Visits Moscow

President Putin’s Praise Of Prime Minister Modi Will Have A Major Impact On Global Perceptions

What’s Behind Russia’s Latest Bill To Ban All Forms Of LGBT+ Propaganda?

The US’ Latest Conspiracy Theory About Russia & Iran Makes No Sense & Is Counterproductive

Anti-Russian Bigotry Is The Common Denominator In Kiev & ISIS-K’s Latest Infowar Operations

India’s Stance Towards The Dirty Bomb False Flag Accusations In Ukraine Is Balanced

Is Russia Doing More For US-Trained Afghan Special Forces Than America Is?

Kiev’s Contradictory Narratives About Ukrainian Refugees Are Counterproductive To Its Cause

Ukraine Admitted That It’s Just A Gigantic Testing Ground For Western Weapons

The Democrats’ Now-Retracted Pro-Diplomacy Letter Discredits Their Proxy War Policy

CNN’s Belarusian “Bombshell” Report Is Just Another Damp Squib

Zelensky Is 100% Wrong To Blame Israel For Recently Strengthened Russian-Iranian Relations

The American Elite Are Colluding With Kiev & The SBU To Meddle In The Upcoming Midterms

Moscow’s Right: It’s Time For A Multipolar Five-Party Mechanism For Assisting Afghanistan

Analyzing Each Side’s Accusations About The Other’s Dirty Bomb False Flag Plot

How Differently Would The World Have Reacted If Arshad Sharif Was A Russian Journalist?

RT’s Suspension Of A Hateful Anti-Ukrainian Host Set A Positive Example For Everyone

Was Arshad Sharif Assassinated By Pakistan’s US-Backed Post-Modern Coup Regime?

Interpreting Sputnik’s Warning About Kiev’s Alleged Nuclear False Flag Provocation

Kiev Is Fearmongering About Its Own Refugees In A Desperate Bid To Get More EU Military Aid

Why’d Ukraine Sanction Russian Tycoon Mikhail Fridman’s Pro-Kiev Son?

India’s Principled Neutrality Towards The Ukrainian Conflict Is Indeed People-Centric

Kiev’s Top Officials Are Shamelessly Spewing Ethno-Nationalist Hate Speech

Israel’s Latest Strike On Syria Was The Perfect Pressure Valve For Tel Aviv & Moscow

The Latest Round Of Chadian Unrest Poses The Greatest Challenge To France’s “Sphere Of Influence”

Kiev’s US-Backed Missile Attack Against The Antonovsky Bridge Is A War Crime

Kiev’s Weaponization Of False Flag Conspiracy Theories Further Discredits Its Cause

Shehbaz Sharif Politicized International Flood Aid To Pakistan Due To His Fear Of Losing Power

Axios Exposed France’s Infowar Against Russia In Africa

The Latest Democrat Psy-Op Is To Blame Republicans For Inevitable Reductions In Ukrainian Aid

The Golden Billion’s Brouhaha Over Iranian Drones In Ukraine Has Backfired

Martial Law In Russia’s Newly Reunified Novorossiyan Region Is The Right Move

It’s Important To Clarify Misperceptions About India’s Policy Towards The South Caucasus

Analyzing “General Armageddon’s” Insight Into The State Of Russia’s Special Operation

Israel’s Refusal To Arm Kiev Discredits Five Western Narratives About The Ukrainian Conflict

It Took One Sentence For The BBC To Discredit Two Years Of Lies About The “Tigray Genocide”

There’s Nothing Wrong With China Defending Itself With Military Force

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister For Digital Transformation Is Endangering His Child For Propaganda

The Pakistani Ambassador To Russia Sent Some Positive Signals About Bilateral Relations

Israel Would Be Making An Irreversible Geostrategic Mistake By Arming Kiev

A Senior Obama-Era Policy Advisor Just Published A Cheap Political Hit Piece Against India

Biden Might Have Had Ulterior Motives Behind Reportedly Chastising Zelensky For His Begging

The Pakistani Defense Minister Is Wrong: Biden’s Ridiculous Remark Proved Imran Khan Was Right

Time Magazine Is Right: Russia Isn’t As Isolated As Some In The West May Like To Think

The Whole World Should Follow China’s Lead By Evacuating Their Citizens From Ukraine

Hungary’s National Consultation On The EU’s Sanctions Is The Purest Form Of Western Democracy

Biden Spit In Every Pakistani's Face But Its Foreign Minister Is Scrambling To Make Excuses

Elon Musk’s Outsized Role In The Ukrainian Conflict Presents Unique Opportunities

Pakistan: Criticizing COAS = “Inciting Mutiny” But Wanting To Hang The Former PM = “Free Speech”

Fake News Alert: Macron Lied When He Accused Russia Of Conspiring With Turkiye Against Armenia

Josep Borrell Blew A Racist Dog Whistle By Implying That Africa Is Invading Europe

Adding An Energy Dimension To Russia’s Ummah Pivot Will Accelerate Multipolarity

India’s Two Latest UN Votes On Russia Perfectly Align With Its Principled Neutrality

Summarizing The Relevance Of The US’ New National Security Strategy For Russia

WaPo Reported That Even Biden’s Getting Fed Up With Zelensky’s Ungrateful Begging

Zelensky’s Plan For NATO Troops Under The Cover Of G7 Peacekeepers Probably Won’t Happen

Biden’s Armageddon Warning: Realistic Assessment Or Political Fearmongering?

Australia & India Just Quashed Speculation That Delhi’s Russian Ties Worry The Quad

Bombing The Crimean Bridge & Threatening Belarus Were Strategic Miscalculations

#StandWithUkraine By Supporting Male Refugees Fleeing From There To Europe For Safety

Korybko To Mihir Sharma: India’s Balancing Act Is Approaching Perfection

The EU’s Horn Of Africa Envoy Reportedly Admitted That Sudan Helps Arm The TPLF

Interpreting The Pakistani Foreign Minister’s Curious Remarks About Russia & Nuclear Weapons

Fake News Alert: Putin Hasn’t Been Overthrown In A Coup

The Crimean Bridge Terrorist Attack Is A Soft Power Inflection Point For Both Sides

“Western Values” Now Include Celebrating Terrorist Attacks Against Civilian Infrastructure

The Crimean Bridge Terrorist Attack Could Be A Game-Changer In The Ukrainian Conflict

Analyzing India’s Decision To Abstain From The UN Vote On Xinjiang

Zelensky’s Demand For The West To Nuke Russia Was Irresponsible But Not Credible

Why’s The West So Spooked By Possible Burkinabe-Russian Military Cooperation?

Korybko To The Hindu: Your Editorial Won’t Change India’s Principled Neutrality

Saudi Arabia’s OPEC+ Decision Didn’t Surprise Objective Observers

Kissinger’s Prediction About A Forthcoming Policy Recalibration By China Is Probably Correct

Russia Will Still Strategically Win Even In The Scenario Of A Military Stalemate In Ukraine

Debunking CNN’s Latest Disinformation That India Is “Propping Up Putin’s Regime”

Interpreting President Putin’s Insight About The Asia-Pacific

China Should Be Pleased With India’s Principled Neutrality Towards The Ukrainian Conflict

GZERO Media’s USG-Financed Experts Are Wrong About The US Seeking To “Balance” South Asia

Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Focuses On The Struggle For Democracy Against The Deep State

The West Is Discrediting NATO’s Article 5 By Claiming That Russia Blew Up Nord Stream

India Just Discredited All Those Who Falsely Claimed That It’s Turning Against Russia

It Was A Surprisingly Wise Move By The West Not To Fast-Track Ukraine’s NATO Membership

The Ukrainian Conflict Might Have Already Derailed China’s Superpower Trajectory

Vladimir Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Will Forever Change Global Politics

Biden & Stoltenberg Back Down (For Now) After Novorossiya’s Reunification With Russia

Pakistan Is Far Behind Afghanistan & India When It Comes To Non-Dollar Trade With Russia

Fake News Alert: Russia Isn’t Targeting Jewish Pilgrims In Ukraine With Iranian Suicide Drones

America’s Neo-Imperialist Pressure On Sudan Exposes Its True Intentions Towards Africa

US Officials’ Plot To Pit China & India Against Russia Is Doomed To Fail

Could New Indian 5G Technology Replace Russia’s Reportedly Stalled Chinese Partnership?

China Is Ukraine’s Close Friend Despite What Was Just Falsely Claimed

Zelensky Shouldn’t Feign “Shock” At Israel’s Refusal To Send Kiev Air Defense Systems

A Key Russian Policy Influencer Shared Some Constructive Critiques About The CSTO

The Former Head Of The Pentagon’s Spy Agency Revealed The US’ Psywar Plans Against Russia

Whose Side Of The Ukrainian Conflict Is India Really On?

Are American Officials Right About China Tacitly Complying With Anti-Russian Sanctions?

The Anglo-American Axis Benefits From The Ecological Terrorist Attack In The Baltic Sea

Iran’s Major Role In The Global Systemic Transition Makes It A Prime Hybrid War Target

Suspected Pakistani Arms Sales To Kiev Are Different Than Actual Russian Sales To Delhi

Scenarios For The Ukrainian Conflict After Novorossiya’s Reunification With Russia

Kiev’s NATO-Backed Terrorist Attack In Kherson Was A Strike Against Democracy & Journalism

Europe Had Better Hope That The US Doesn’t Force Russia To Use Tactical Nukes In Ukraine

America’s Scheme Of Swapping Afghan Aircraft For Central Asian Influence Is Admittedly Clever

The Russian Ambassador To India Confirmed That The West Manipulated Modi’s Remark

Russia’s Partial Mobilization Is Actually Aimed At De-Escalation

Fake News Alert: President Xi Wasn’t Overthrown By The PLA

Iran’s Reported Drone Deal With Russia Would Be A Big Deal If It Turns Out To Be True

All Multipolar Supporters Can Still Help Russia Even Without Joining Its Partial Mobilization

Korybko To Happymon Jacob: Russian-Indian Ties Are Qualitatively Evolving

Debunking The Top Infowar Narratives About Russia’s Partial Mobilization

Kiev’s Foiled Attack Against A Russian-Turkish Pipeline Was Partially Meant To Punish Ankara

Korybko To M. K. Bhadrakumar: PM Modi’s Remark To Putin Wasn’t A Gaffe

Putin’s Latest Keynote Speech Concisely Summarized The State Of Strategic Play In Ukraine

Russia’s Partial Mobilization Is Being Carried Out From A Position Of Confidence & Strength

Russia’s Special Military Operation Might Soon Transform Into A Defense Of Its Own Borders

Will The US Salvage What’s Left Of Ukraine Or Provoke Russia Into Completely Destroying It?

Could Forthcoming Donbass Referenda Be Russia’s Defensive-Oriented Response To Kharkov?

Could Armenia Really Ditch The CSTO Sometime Soon?

Five Reasonable Questions For Russia About Its Special Operation

The Putin-Aliyev & Pelosi-Pashinyan Meetings Discredited Alternative & Mainstream Narratives

India’s Former Foreign Secretary & Ambassador To Russia Clarified Modi’s SCO Remarks To Putin

Why’s Kiev So Insistent On Germany Sending It A Bunch Of Battle Tanks?

Poland’s Hyping Up The German Threat To Central Europe To Consolidate Its Regional Influence

Why Did President Putin Downplay The Importance Of His Meeting With President Xi?

Even John Kirby Sometimes Gets It Right About Russia, But For The Wrong Reasons

10 Politically Tough Takeaways From The Latest Kyrgyz-Tajik Clashes

Fact-Checking CNN’s Hit Piece On Chinese-Russian Ties

The Geopolitics Of Russian/Soviet Reparations To Poland

Pakistan’s Successful SCO Summit Shouldn’t Be Spun As A Success For Shehbaz Sharif Personally

Modi’s Peacenik Approach Towards Putin Aligns With India’s Principled Neutrality

It’s Not Any Of The US’ Business What PM Modi Does At The SCO Summit

Response To C. Raja Mohan: Russia’s Ukrainian Setback Shouldn’t Change India’s Calculations

Explaining Putin’s Hint That Afghanistan Will Determine The Future Of Russian-Pakistani Ties

Putin Still Hopes That Pakistan Will Continue Playing Its Role As The Zipper Of Eurasia

Fake News Alert: Xi Didn’t Send A “Warning” To Putin Through His Statement In Kazakhstan

India Just Proved That Its Foreign Policy Is Much More Democratic Than Germany’s

Pashinyan Has A Point About How Azerbaijan Sells Its Special Operation To Russia & The West

Analyzing Azerbaijan’s “Special Military Operation” Against Armenia

The Significance Of The SCO’s Samarkand Summit

Analyzing The Reported Contacts Between Imran Khan & America

Is There Such A Thing As #MAGACommunism?

Alt-Media Analysts Should Stop Obsessing Over Kiev’s Casualty Count

The Latest South Caucasus Clashes Are Timed To Exploit Russia’s Setback In Kharkov Region

Is It Time For A More Muscular Policy To Replace Russia’s Special Military Operation?

The Polish Premier Implied To German Media That Warsaw Is Challenging Berlin For Influence

Zelensky’s Recent Telegram Screed Confirms Kiev’s Anti-Russian Geostrategic Intentions

20 Strategic Observations About Kiev’s NATO-Backed Blitz Across Kharkov Region

Interpreting Russia’s Intelligence Shortcomings Ahead Of The Kharkov Counteroffensive

The Chinese-Indian Security Dilemma Isn’t Insurmountable

The West Is Once Again Playing Its Humanitarian Imperialism Card Against Ethiopia

Constructive Critiques Connected To Russia’s Tactical Pullback From Kharkov

Kharkov: What’s Driving The Latest Military Dynamics & What Might Come Next?

The Global Consequences Of South Asia’s Grand Strategic Reorientation

The Chinese-Indian Disengagement Decision Is A Direct Result Of The Ukrainian Conflict

India’s Multipolar Vision For The Russian Far East Is Perfectly Complementary To Moscow’s

Reading Between The Lines Of SVR’s Official Response To ISIS-K’s Kabul Embassy Attack

The Importance Of Russia’s Investigation Into ISIS-K’s Kabul Embassy Attack

Speculative Pakistani Arms Sales To Kiev vs. Speculative North Korean Ones To Russia

The Russia-India-China (RIC) Framework Is The Key To The Asian Century

Was Western Intel Behind ISIS-K’s Terrorist Attack Against The Russian Embassy In Kabul?

The West & Russia: Waging Media Wars vs. Defending Its Information Space

Here’s How The Russian-Myanmar Strategic Partnership Can Stabilize The Latter’s Region

Pakistan: It’s Not “Defamatory” To Imply That The Next COAS Should Be Selected On Merit

Counterproductive Policies, Not “Russian Propaganda”, Were Responsible For Prague’s Protests

The Strategic Implications Of The Suicide Attack Against The Russian Embassy In Kabul

A Top Russian Diplomat Clarified The Facts About His Country’s Energy Relationship With Germany

Russian Satellite Imagery Can End The Nile River Dispute Between Ethiopia, Sudan, & Egypt

America Will Never Impede The Military Dimension Of The Russian-Indian Strategic Partnership

What Explains Western States’ Divergent Stances Over Banning Russian Visas?

The Geopolitics Of German Reparations To Poland

South Africa Deserves Praise For Its Neutral Foreign Policy In The New Cold War

Lavrov Explained Why The US Hasn’t Successfully Pressured India Into Sanctioning Russia

Modi Made A Subtle Jab Against China While Commissioning India’s Aircraft Carrier

Nord Stream I Disruption: Europe’s Panicking After Poland Finally Got What It Wanted

Biden Spit On The Soul Of The American Nation By Pitting His People Against One Another

The White House Press Secretary’s Hateful Definition Of Extremism Is Counterproductive

The Polish Ambassador To India Is In No Position To Advise His Hosts On Ties With Russia

Vietnam’s Outgoing Envoy To India Shared Some Insight Into His Country’s Multipolar Strategy

Why’d Lavrov Say That Russia Isn’t Alone Yet It Also Can’t Rely On Anyone But Itself?

The German Foreign Minister Discredited The Entire Concept Of Western Democracy

Pre-Bunking, Media Literacy, & Democratic Security

Why Is Kiev So Scared Of The IAEA Visiting The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant?

The Political Fantasy To “Decolonize Russia” Is Doomed To Fail Due To Its People’s Patriotism

America’s “Concern” Over India’s Participation In The Vostok 2022 Drills Is Condescending

Suspected Pakistani Arms Sales To Kiev Don’t Automatically Imply Proxy War Intentions

Interpreting Putin & Kosachev’s Condolences Over Gorbachev’s Death

Putin’s Message To This Year’s Eastern Economic Forum Summarizes His Asia-Pacific Strategy

Drills & Development: Moscow Is Mixing Military & Economic Diplomacy In Its Far East

Macron Insulted Africans’ Intelligence By Claiming That Multipolar Powers Manipulate Them

Pakistan’s Response To The Taliban’s Claim That It’s A US Military Proxy Isn’t Convincing

Russian-Bangladeshi Relations Are About To Boom If The Reports Are True

The Russian Ambassador To India Shared Some Quick Insight Into Bilateral Relations

The Ethiopian Embassy In The US Decisively Responded To The New York Times’ Disinformation

A Dangerous Security Dilemma Is Rapidly Developing In Pakistani-Taliban Relations

The Taliban Defense Minister Just Called Pakistan Out For Being An American Military Proxy

Kiev’s “Resistance Operating Concept” Isn’t All That CNN Cracks It Up To Be

Scrutinizing The Claim That The Ethiopian Air Force Just Bombed A Kindergarten In Mekelle

Russia Correctly Described The US-Led West’s Golden Billion As Racist To The Core

The Congressional Research Service Suggests Continuing The Carrot-And-Stick Approach To India

CNN Defamed Darya Dugina As A “Disinformation” Agent To Discredit Her Multipolar Legacy

Poland Can’t Credibly Complain After Belarus Reportedly Demolished An Unofficial Memorial

The TPLF & Its Patrons Are The Only Ones To Blame For Breaking The Humanitarian Truce

A Top Russian Policymaker Has A Point: It’s Time To Prioritize Building Multipolar Institutions

The TPLF’s Latest Terrorist Offensive Is Meant To Punish Ethiopia For Its Summer Of Success

India’s “Business Standard” Is Spewing Fake News About Bilateral Relations With Russia

Kiev’s Representative To The Vatican Just Vilely Justified Darya Dugina’s Assassination

India’s Leadership Of The Global De-Dollarization Trend Will Accelerate Multipolarity

The US Is Furious Because It Can’t Stop A Prospective Russian-Iranian Oil Swap Deal

Russia Warned Its SCO Partners About The Ulterior Motives Behind The US’ Central Asian Drills

Contrasting The US & UN Reactions To The Trumped-Up Terrorism Charges Against Imran Khan

Kiev’s Ambassador To Kazakhstan Was Chewed Out By His Hosts For Inciting Ethnic Hatred

Poland Made Powerful Points About The German-Led EU’s Imperialist Proclivities

Deconstructing Western Influencers’ Conspiracy Theories About Darya Dugina’s Assassination

Zelensky Is Scared That Detained Azov Members Will Spill The Beans About Kiev’s War Crimes

Analyzing Russia’s Decisive Interception Of An Anti-Indian Terrorist

Putin Officially Declared That Russia Finally Restored Its Status As A World Power

The US Ambassador To China Isn’t A Diplomat But A Fake News Propagator

Pakistan: It’s Not “Terrorism” To Publicly Announce Court Cases Against The Authorities

Russia’s Military-Industrial Chief Is Right: The US’ S-400 Waiver To India Is A Sign Of Weakness

Interpreting The Pakistani Media Regulator’s Ban On Imran Khan’s Live Broadcasts

The Lessons To Be Learned From The Scandalous Claims Against Caleb Maupin

The Assassination Of Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Darya Was A Dastardly Terrorist Attack

The Asian Century Will Arrive Upon China & India Finally Resolving Their Border Disputes

The Washington Post Admitted That Zelensky Lied, People Died, And Ukrainians Are Upset

The Finnish Prime Minister’s Party Videos Prove That She Doesn’t Consider Russia A Threat

The Taliban Envisions Russia Playing A Big Role In The Group’s Geo-Economic Balancing Act

Imran Khan Is Right To Imply That The Establishment Is Responsible For Pakistan’s Problems

The GCHQ Chief’s Claim Of A Western Infowar Victory Over Russia Is Fake News

The Latest Data Shows That Europe Might Be Reconsidering Its Military Support To Kiev

China’s Insight Into The “Kabul Moment” Is Worth Considering

The US Just Admitted To Meddling In Indian Foreign Policy But Still Won’t Admit Defeat

Tedros Is Playing The Race Card To Revive Western Support For Terrorism Against Ethiopia

It’s Criminal For Kiev To Claim That Receiving Russian Humanitarian Aid Is “Collaborationism”

The US’ Ukrainian Puppets Won’t Succeed In Pressuring India To Stop Buying Russian Oil

Newsweek’s Contrarian Piece Arguing Against Sanctioning Russians Should Be Commended

The Lowy Institute Showed Its Ignorance Of India’s Balancing Act

Fake News Alert: Imran Khan Isn’t Conspiring To Divide The Army Like Ahsan Iqbal Claimed

Interpreting Russia’s Independence Day Messages To India

Analyzing The Russian Ambassador’s Assessment On The Anniversary Of Kabul’s Capture

Putin Explained The Role Of Russia’s Military Diplomacy In Strengthening Multipolarity

Russia Wonders Whether The Al Qaeda Chief’s Assassination Will Help ISIS In Afghanistan

Kiev Tacitly Admitted To Waging Nuclear Terrorism Against Europe & The West Just Shrugged

Imran Khan’s Praise Of Indian MEA Jaishankar Is Consistent With His Multipolar Worldview

The Plot To Replace The African Union’s Role In The Ethiopian Peace Process Won’t Succeed

President Putin’s Optimism About Russian-Pakistani Relations Is A Positive Sign

Interpreting Russia’s Independence Day Message To Pakistan

Discrete Disagreements In Indian-Russian Ties Contrast With Public Ones In Indian-US Ties

It’s A Positive Development That Pakistan Will Participate In October’s SCO Drills In India

What’s Wrong With Imran Khan Reportedly Seeking To Clarify His Views With America?

Don’t Fall For This Former Russian Diplomat Defaming His Profession

Speculation About Russia Becoming A Chinese Puppet Ignores India’s Decisive Balancing Role

International Observers Should Pay Attention To Imran Khan’s Latest Address

India’s De-Dollarization Of Its Trade With Russia Will Inspire The Whole Global South

The New York Times Exposed Kiev’s Latest Lie: No Newly Exported Grain Is Going To Africa

Africa’s Role In The New Cold War

The Interim Malian President’s Call With Putin Is Actually A Pretty Big Deal

The German Ministers’ Champagne Flute Pic From Kiev Rubs Salt In The US Public’s Wounds

No One Should Be Surprised That New Zealand Will Probably Be The Next Member Of AUKUS

Russia’s Latest Military Aid To Mali Confirms Its Regional Anti-Terrorist Commitment

The US Is Wrong: Russia & Iran Aren’t Allies, But Close Strategic Partners

Pakistan’s Censorship Of ARY News Proves How Desperate The Imported Government Has Become

Zelensky’s Proposal To Ban Russians From The West Is Driven By Meddling Motivations

Why’d Russia Claim That Terrorists Are Trying To Infiltrate Armenia Via Iran?

Will Al Shabaab Become America’s Next Proxy In Its Hybrid War Of Terror On Ethiopia?

The 2008 Georgian Conflict Was The US’ Template For The 2022 Ukrainian One

CNN Just Admitted That The Global Food Crisis Isn’t Entirely Due To The Ukrainian Conflict

Kiev’s Nuclear Terrorism Towards The Zaporozhye Power Plant Threatens All Of Europe

The Guardian’s Report About The “Mozart Group” Goes Against The West’s Narrative

American Media Is Manipulating Perceptions About Joint Annual Military Drills With India

Western Media Is Scared After Falling For Russia & North Korea’s Obvious Psy-Op

Debunking The Conspiracy Theory That The US Assassinated The Al Qaeda Chief From A Kyrgyz Base

CBS News Warned That Western Weapons Sent To Kiev Might End Up In Terrorists’ Hands

Viktor Orban Envisions Leading The West’s Conservative Counterrevolution

Western Diplomats’ Selfie With A TPLF Terrorist Leader Was A Soft Power Flop

Bloomberg Shouldn’t Be Shocked That Half Of The G20 Refuses To Sanction Russia

The Kremlin Spokesman Is Correct: The EuroMaidan Coup Was An Historical Turning Point

The Chinese & Russian People’s Rational Patriotism Is A Model For Multipolar Societies

The Russian Foreign Ministry Comprehensively Explained The Global Systemic Transition

Pro-Kiev Trolls Are Triggered By Amnesty International’s Latest Report

Gallup’s Latest Poll Shows That Those Americans Obsessing Over Russia Are A Fringe Minority

Bloomberg’s Acknowledgement Of Russian Gains In Africa Is A Soft Power Defeat For The US

Why’d China Let Pelosi Land On Taiwan?

The US Delusionally Denied That It’s Competing With Russia In Africa

Russia’s Security Assistance To The Central African Republic Is Crucial To Its Stability

Kenya’s De Facto Compliance With Western Sanctions Endangers Its Food Security

Now’s The Perfect Time For Russia & India To Sign RELOS

Russian-Myanmar Relations Are A Key Part Of Moscow’s Grand Strategy Towards The Global South

The Timing Of Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Is Strategic For Three Reasons

The Warsaw Uprising & Battle Of Mariupol Have Nothing In Common

Mali Reminded Macron That France Has Lost Its Hegemony Over West Africa

GERD Is Just A False Pretext For Egypt To Pressure Ethiopia

A Major Russian Businessman Envisions Economic Ties With India Replacing European Ones

Will Pakistan Condemn The Ukrainian Ambassador’s Criticism Of Its Principled Neutrality?

The EU Should Have Rethought Its Ethiopian Policy Way Before Lavrov’s Trip

The Mandatory Evacuation From Kiev-Controlled Donbass Implies Impending Territorial Losses

Andrew Korybko vs. Donald Lu: Free Speech vs. Conspiratorial Meddling

The #BanAndrewKorybko Hashtag Shows The Desperation Of Pakistan’s Post-Modern Coup Plotters

Blinken’s Right To Decline Designating Russia As A “State Sponsor Of Terrorism”

Ramachandra Guha Is Wrong: India Should Be Proud Of Its Principled Neutrality, Not Ashamed

Macron’s Smears Show How Desperate France Has Become To Regain Its Lost Influence In Africa

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Why Kiev Bombed Its Own Imprisoned Soldiers In Donbass

Josep Borrell Is Jealous Of Lavrov & Can’t Comprehend The Global Attention He Receives

Lavrov’s Latest Tour Proved That Russia Is Far From Isolated

Russia & Iran Plan To Cooperate On Resolving Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Zelensky Told Americans That His Country Should Be More Important To Them Than Their Own

Latin America’s Leading Countries Reaffirmed Their Principled Neutrality

The EU Just Scored An Own Goal While Trying To Demean Russian-Ethiopian Relations

An American Official Told CNN That They’re Afraid Western Unity On Ukraine Is Weakening

The Zelenskys’ Vogue Photoshoot Exposes What A Charade The Ukrainian Conflict Has Become

The US Is Scared That Russian Media Will Liberate Millions Of Latin American Minds

Russian-Ethiopian Relations Are The Perfect Model Of Multipolar Partnership

The Power Of The Pakistani People Will Defeat Their Unpopular Imported Government

Her Majesty’s Government Hates Graham Phillips Because He Exposed Kiev’s Western-Backed Genocide

Ukraine Is Wrong: Indian Experts Are Multipolar Visionaries, Not “Russian Propagandists”

The Ugandan President Has A Keen Understanding Of Multipolarity

The New York Times Confirmed That Ukrainians Are Losing Their Military Confidence

Germany’s Snowflake Foreign Minister Was Triggered By Erdogan’s Tehran Photo-op

The US Is Once Again Trying To Provoke A Russian-Israeli Split

Who’s The Real Troublemaker: Turkiye Or The US?

The Indian Opposition Is Doing America’s Bidding By Beating The Drums Of War Against China

Here’s How To Neutralize NAFO Trolls & Get Cartoon Dogs To Promote Pro-Russian Posts

Al Qaeda’s Malian Branch Just Declared War On Russia

The Western Infowar On Mali Rebrands Terrorists As Simply Being “Extremist/Jihadi Rebels”

Russia Pledged To Help African Countries Finally Complete The Process Of Decolonization

Putin’s Global Revolutionary Manifesto Is Worth Reading To Understand Russian Grand Strategy

A Tale Of Two Gas Deals: Azerbaijan-EU & Russia-Iran

Germany’s Century-Long Plot To Capture Control Of Europe Is Almost Complete

Sri Lanka Warned That The West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions Will Starve The Global South

The White House Is Wrong: The US Is No Longer Dominant In West Asia

Explaining PTI’s Historic Victory In The Punjab By-Elections

Believe It Or Not, Tony Blair Has Some Decent Insight Into The Global Systemic Transition

German Pressure Upon Poland To Adopt The Euro Is Berlin’s Latest Hegemonic Power Play

The National Interest Couldn’t Be More Wrong About Russia’s Afghanistan Policy

The House Of Representatives’ CAATSA Sanctions Waiver For India Is Impressively Pragmatic

Lithuania’s Failed Blockade Of Kaliningrad Is A Defeat For The US

The I2U2 Framework Is Integral To India’s Multipolar Grand Strategy

Biden’s Remark About Zionism Is Relevant For Everyone

Korybko To Azerbaijani Media: All Sides Of The Ukrainian Conflict Underestimated Each Other

Iran Proudly Embraces Its Geo-Economic Role In Integrating Eurasia

Despite Many In Alt-Media Wishing It Was True, Iran Isn’t Selling Drones To Russia

The Internationalization Of The Indian Rupee Serves Multipolar Interests

What’s The Real Reason Why A Polish MEP Described Dissident Worldviews As “Treason”?

Blinken’s Gone Bonkers: Russia Is Alleviating, Not Worsening, Sri Lanka’s Crisis!

President Putin Is Right: The US’ World Order Is Doomed

Russia, India, And China (RIC) Could Be Key To Sri Lanka’s Recovery

A New Ukrainian Ambassador To India Won’t Change Delhi’s Stance Towards The Conflict

The American Consulate In Mumbai Mustn’t Behave Like A Viceroy

Explaining Russia’s Official Response To Shinzo Abe’s Assassination

Brittney Griner: Russian Hostage Or American Pothead?

President Putin Reaffirmed That Russia Isn’t Yet Waging A War In Ukraine

India Needs A Comprehensive Geo-Economic Action Plan For The Russian Far East

Uzbekistan’s Claim Of Foreign Involvement In Karakalpakstan Isn’t As Clear-Cut As It Seems

The Malian Junta Isn’t A “Defensively Nationalist Regime” But An African Pioneer

The Deccan Herald Misinterpreted Russia’s Stance About Expanding The UNSC

Russian-Vietnamese Relations Are A Model For Cooperation Between Big & Medium Countries

The Russian Ambassador To India Confirmed Both Great Powers’ Shared Multipolar Vision

A Key Russian Policy Influencer Confirmed The New Worldview Of His Country’s Elite

Russia’s Calm Response To The Karakalpakstan Crisis Discredits Color Revolution Speculation

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s Latest Interview Confirmed Russia’s Importance For His State

Imran Khan Has A Point: Pakistan’s Future Should Indeed Be Tied With Russia, But Will It?

Russia’s Right: Brazil & India Deserve Permanent Seats At The UNSC

Analyzing Uzbek President Mirziyoyev’s Address To The People Of Karakalpakstan

Ten Questions For The Alt-Media Community To Contemplate About Karakalpakstan

The Socio-Political (Soft Security) Dynamics Of Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan Crisis

Deconstructing What Just Transpired In Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan On Friday

Applying Putin’s Advice Against Wishful Thinking To Alt-Media’s Color Revolution Speculation

It’s Too Early To Call The Protests In Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan A Color Revolution

Egypt & Its TPLF Proxies Are Plotting To Divide & Rule Ethiopia & Sudan

Russia’s Removal Of The Polish Flag From The Katyn Memorial Was Driven By Self-Respect

Is NATO’s Northern Expansion Really A Major Defeat For Russia?

Russia’s Snake Island Pullout Was An Entirely Predictable Goodwill Gesture

India’s Becoming Impressively Autonomous Vis A Vis China & The US

Pakistan Should Follow India’s Lead By Purchasing Russian Coal With Yuan

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Is Being A Big Baby After Losing The Vote Of No Confidence

Korybko To Azerbaijani Media: Western Arms & Sanctions Won’t Stop Russia

Turkiye’s Deal With Finland & Sweden Doesn’t Equate To Backstabbing Russia

Interpreting Indonesia’s Mediation In The Ukrainian Conflict

True State Terrorism Is Kiev’s Militarization Of Residential Areas

India Was The Voice Of Moderation & Reason At The G7

Russia Has South Asia’s Back In The Economic Crisis

Explaining India’s Balancing Act Between BRICS & The G7

The UK Prime Minister Paraphrased 1984’s “War Is Peace” During His Meeting With Macron

Turkiye Should Be Praised For Reaffirming Its Geostrategic Pragmatism Towards Russia

The New York Times Inadvertently Revealed The Qualitative Scale Of Kiev’s Losses

Iran Is The Perfect Partner For BRICS+

Iran Might Soon Become Russia’s Gateway To Pakistan

African Leaders Snubbed Zelensky Because They Aren't Brainwashed By The West's Latest Cult

Ethiopia Is An Integral Part Of The BRICS+ Framework

Lavrov’s Right: The West Is Scared Of Countries That Defend Their Sovereignty

Afghan-Emanating Terrorist Threats Catalyze Closer Russian-Central Asian Military Integration

PIA’s Russian Fiasco Dampens Hopes For The Speedy Creation Of Alternative Financial Channels

Weaponized Multiculturalism Cloaks Western Imperialism Under A Faux Decolonization Guise

Russia’s Reported Plans To Condemn Israel At The UNSC Aren’t A Distraction From Ukraine

Iran Is Russia’s Gateway To India

The BRICS Leaders’ Joint Statement Likely Won’t Be “Anti-American”

The Swap Of The Century: Russia Should Offer To Trade Western Mercenaries For Assange

The Strategic Contours Of Lithuania’s Partial Blockade Of Kaliningrad

Why’s Turkiye Suddenly “Much More Careful” About Selling Drones To Kiev?

Interpreting The Associated Press’ Admission That Kiev Is Massively Outgunned

Debunking The Disinformation About Putin’s Comparison Of Himself With Peter The Great

The UK Chief Of General Staff’s Preparations For Fighting A War In Europe Are Revealing

The Bi-Multipolar Worldview Brings India & ASEAN Closer Than Ever Before

Iran’s Quickly Becoming The Core Of Eurasia’s Multipolar Connectivity Projects

Johnson & Stoltenberg’s Rallying Of The West Around Kiev Belies A Lack Of Confidence

No, Putin Didn’t Just Threaten To Take Over Kazakhstan

President Putin Explained Russia’s Role In The Global Systemic Transition

The African Union’s Praise Of Ethiopia’s Peace Process Shatters Western Lies

Kiev’s Military Officials Shared Some Intriguing Details About NATO’s Proxy War On Russia

The Decision Not To Hold Next Year’s Eurovision In Ukraine Is Politically Significant

Western Propaganda Is The Reason Why The Anti-Russian Sanctions Blitzkrieg Failed

Indo-Pak Trade Would Be Mutually Beneficial But Not A Political Or Military Deterrent

It’s Immoral For Israeli Guides At Auschwitz To Attribute Blame To Poland For The Holocaust

It’s Scary That A Polish Diplomat Is Intimidating One Of His Country’s Athletes In Russia

Debunking The Fake News That Ukraine Is “Defending Poland’s Democracy”

Kiev’s Daily Casualty Rate & Ridiculous Arms Demands Confirm That It’s Losing

What Might The EU “Big Three’s” Speculative Ceasefire Proposal Entail?

Chinese-Iranian Overland Connectivity Is Slowly But Surely Being Streamlined

Japan Just Outlined Its Unofficial Remilitarization Plans

Ethiopia Refuses To Let The US Legislate Its Relationship With Russia

Ethiopia Is Eager To Participate In Russia’s Financial Multipolarity Platform

Russian-Indian Energy Diplomacy Helps Delhi Balance Washington

Why’d Lavrov Finally Use The Term “Indo-Pacific” Instead Of The Usual “Asia-Pacific”?

The Russian Ambassador To Pakistan’s Remarks About Imran Khan Were Pragmatic

Sri Lanka’s Principled Neutrality Ensured Its Survival In The Economic Crisis Thus Far

The Rebranded Reopening Of McDonald’s In Moscow On Russia Day Is Symbolic

It’s Ridiculous To Fearmonger About Russian-Nicaraguan Military Ties

The Russian Ambassador Is Right: Peace In Ethiopia Leads To Peace Across Africa

The Golden Billion’s G7 Can’t Compete With The Global South’s Big Eight

President Putin’s Insight Into State Sovereignty Is Instructive For All Countries

Analyzing Russia’s Strategic Interests In Sudan

Fake News Led To The Disgraceful Fall Of Kiev’s Human Rights Chief

Britain Had Better Recognize The Donetsk People’s Republic If It Wants To Save Its Boys

Will Pakistan Submit To The US-Controlled IMF’s Reported Demand To Renegotiate CPEC Energy Deals?

Ukraine Is Blackmailing The Global South By Officially Demanding Weapons For Wheat

If The US Is So Powerful, Then Why Is Kiev Begging For Military Aid From Germany?

AUKUS Is Employing Psychological Terrorism To Justify Its Creation

UN Aid Shipments Are Being Exploited To Secretly Resupply The TPLF

Did The Russian Navy Really “Retreat” 100 Kilometers From The Ukrainian Coast?

Africa’s Buying Russian Grain, Not America’s Lies About It Being Stolen From Ukraine

Hungary’s Onto Something: Zelensky’s Mental Condition Might Very Well Be Megalomania

Why’s The US-Led West So Afraid Of Lavrov Visiting Serbia?

Analyzing Azerbaijan’s Decision To Block Russia’s RIA Novosti

The Question Of Whether Or Not To “Humiliate Russia” Is Irrelevant

Poland Suddenly Realized That It Can’t Indefinitely Fund Ukraine & Its Refugees

Pay Attention To Medvedev’s Warning About The Polish-Prussian Alliance In Ukraine

Pakistan Needs To Get Its Story Straight About Russian Oil

China’s Pacific Islands Position Paper Debunks Fake News Claims

The Economic Crisis Compelled Pakistan To Consider Importing Food & Fuel From Russia

Zelensky’s Davos Speech Should Alarm All Peace-Loving People In The World

Milley’s Latest Remarks On Great Powers & Technology Are Worth Paying Attention To

The Atlantic Is Right: America Has Never Really Understood India

Obama’s Infowar Czar Admitted That The Global South Supports Russia’s Special Operation

Israel Just Utterly Humiliated The Alt-Media Community

Deciphering Pakistan’s Mixed Signals Towards Russia

The US Is Recalibrating Its Eurasian Containment Strategy Against Russia & China

It’s Ridiculous That The EU Considers The China-Solomon Islands Pact A Security Threat

The S-300 Fake News Provocation Didn’t Change Israel’s Stance Towards Ukraine

The SCMP Is Wrong: India’s Military Diversification Plans Shouldn’t Be Anti-Russian

The Middle Corridor Will Help China Hedge Against Uncertainty In Russia & Pakistan

Lavrov Explained The Reason Why The Global Systemic Transition Is So Chaotic

Interpreting The Vietnamese Ambassador To India’s Remark About Defense & Nuclear Energy Co-Op

Newsweek Is Lying: A Putin Ally Isn’t Pushing Russia Toward War With Poland

Explaining The Unexpected Timing Of North Korea’s COVID Crisis

Interpreting Turkey’s Opposition To Finland & Sweden’s Planned NATO Membership

Latvia’s War On Soviet-Era WWII Monuments Ruins The West’s Reputation

The Fascist Attack Against The Russian Ambassador To Poland Is Unforgivable

It Was The New Governor of Kherson, Not Putin, Who Surprised The West On Victory Day

The G7 Compared Russia To Nazi Germany And Then De Facto Declared War On It

Zelensky Mocked Putin’s WWII Comparisons But Then Went And Did The Exact Same Thing

Putin’s Victory Day Speech Concisely Summarized The Importance Of The Ukrainian Conflict

An Objective Assessment Of Pakistan’s Political Crisis

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